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Holiday Challenge

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It’s time for a little healthy competition with yourself!

Try to start incorporating the 90/10 guideline for eating (See “Find Balance in Your ‘Balanced’ Diet – Part 1.”)  Eat 90% or more nutrient-dense foods and 10% or less junk foods in your total daily caloric intake.  For example, if you had a 2000 calorie diet, then make sure that 1800+ of those calories are from nutrient-dense foods. And 200 or less calories come from those tantalizing holiday temptations.


Try to include 10-30 minutes of physical activity into your day. This could be walking, running, hopping, skipping, resistance training, or anything you can think of to just get moving. If you have not been active in awhile, this is the first baby step you will take to get ready for bigger and better things to come. And it’s kind of nice to go on a short walk before or after a holiday meal.


Do both of the above.

This is a competition with yourself. Hold yourself accountable. Good things are coming your way!

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