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Mind & Movement


Gain strength, flexibility, endurance and balance both physically and mentally while practicing on the mat and take what you learn to use in your everyday life. Some classes include the use of props, including chairs, walls, blocks, straps, bolsters, and blankets. Embrace your uniqueness and find your flow.

1:1 Yoga:

If you are new to yoga or just feel like you would like help with your practice, you will get a personalized session to gain confidence in your practice. *Text or email to register and get a custom time.*

Group Fitness:

No matter what your fitness goals, it’s a bit easier to take the journey with a group of like-minded people. We offer different classes to help you stay motivated. Find one you like and join in the fun.

Small Group Fitness Training:

Personal training for you and up to 3 friends.  Small groups of up to 4 people get instruction on how to move correctly during these mini fitness classes.  Don’t let the “mini” fool you.  You will know you’ve put some effort in by the end of each session.  And you won’t even have to do burpees…. unless you want to.  Don’t know what a burpee is?  Bring your friends, attend a small group fitness class, and find out. *Text or email to register and get custom times.*

Personal Training:

Need some extra motivation and someone to hold you accountable to get moving as your body was meant to, lose some extra pounds and inches, and just feel physically better (which usually helps you feel mentally better too)?  We provide the knowledge, coaching, and even a bit of cheer-leading and high-fiving to help you reach your goal.  Bring a friend and get a discount. *Sessions can be 30 or 60 minutes and require a minimum commitment of 2x per week for 12 weeks. Text or email for more information, to register and to get custom times.*

Wellness Classes:

These classes vary by day and time, as well as activity.  You could be learning deep breathing or stretching techniques or balance training. Keep an eye on the schedule for pop-up wellness classes.

Movement Training:

This is for you if you need to regain balance caused by a structural disfunction brought on by poor posture, non-use, age, or injury. Good for those who would like to move more freely and for gaining strength and balance for fall prevention. *Sessions are 30 minutes and require a minimum commitment of 2x per week for 4 weeks. Text or call for more details and to register.*

Health Coaching:

This encompasses behavior changes, nutritional changes, and physical fitness.  We help you look at your lifestyle as it is now and compare it with how you would like it to be.  You will make changes and learn how to remove and exchange  unhealthy habits by replacing them with healthier ones.  Learn about better food choices and how your body is meant to move to keep you on the go for as long as you want to keep going.  These sessions can be done in person or online. *Text or email to find out more.*

Massage Therapy & Stretching

Customized Sessions for your Uniqueness – LaMoure Location

Life happens and your body and subconscious both hold onto that stress.  Good or bad, you can certainly feel it.  When it inhibits your movement and ability to function and perform the way you ought to, a massage or stretching session can help stir up that muscle memory and subtly lengthen the muscle tissue, helping achieve more range of motion in the joints.  We help you to de-stress and function as you should.

All massage therapy and stretching sessions are provided in the LaMoure location. To check for session availability, please click the bottom “Book Now” button below.